Evita Krislock is Keynote Speaker for ECW Annual Meeting

February 14, 2019

Evita (pronounced ‘ee-vetta’) Krislock is a model for women everywhere who sometimes feel they are expected to ‘do it all’ but have no idea how to keep their sanity and their health in the process. 

Evita says “My daughter often said, ‘Mom, you have all this experience and it works with what you want to do.’ Thinking about this, it occurred to me that though I may not have known what I wanted to do, my willingness to pursue what interests me in my personal, vocational, recreational and spiritual life has led me on an amazing journey.”

Self Care

“A life long learner, passionate about life, physical, spiritual, and emotional health, my belief is that all aspects of life are integrated. As a youth leader attending healing services, I would pray for ‘balance’. Life with a more than full time job, three children and an active spouse could overwhelm me, if I allowed it.  If only I could ‘balance’, things would not be as stressful.

“Then through God’s Grace, I was invited to participate in a series of workshops concerning the Sacred Art of Listening. My life was forever changed as I began to listen and to integrate instead of ‘balance’.

“As the Diocesan Youth Coordinator, Camp Director and member of the Bishop’s staff there were opportunities to learn and grow through continuing education, workshops, attending and presenting at retreats. After leaving the diocesan staff, my journey became a practice of keeping my ‘cup full’, being ready for possibilities and my passions. It is amazing how ‘Self Care’ has brought more clarity, focus and integration into my service and life. I continue to be involved in Episcopal Church Women, environmental activism, parish life and sharing the Good News.”

In addition to her Keynote, Evita will present two workshops at the ECW Annual Retreat February 23rd.