UTO: Giving Thanks for All Our Blessings

November 5, 2019

The month of November is traditionally devoted to the United Thank Offering (UTO) Ingathering from parishes and mission congregations across the Episcopal Church. An early version of “paying it forward”, every penny collected in thanksgiving is returned in the form of grants for outreach ministries. In weeks to come you will hear more about those grants and how your congregation might apply. In the meantime, make sure to fill those Blue Boxes and envelopes. All funds must be sent to UTO by mid-December to count toward our Diocesan total for 2019.

The ECW website has a new page dedicated to providing information, resources and everything you need to make your Ingatherings an opportunity for the congregation to come together and express gratitude for all of God’s blessings in a very meaningful way; by enabling ministries and outreach that will bless others. Parish Coordinators can find everything needed here: https://ecwlosangeles.org/uto-parish-coordinators/. They can also subscribe to special emails and updates just for UTO Coordinators, to answer questions and provide additional resources as they are made available. For futher information on how your congregation can participate, please send an email to UTO@ecwlosangeles.org. Thank You!