UTO Parish Coordinator Information and Resources

Thank you for agreeing to serve as your parish UTO Coordinator. We want to provide information and resources that will make your Ingatherings a special occasion for the congregation to come together and express gratitude for all of God’s blessings in a very meaningful way, by enabling ministries and outreach that will bless others.

Getting Started (or continuing your ministry)

1. Please take a moment right now to sign up for news and announcements specifically for UTO Coordinators, using the form in the left column. You may easily update your email address or unsubscribe at any time.

2. Experience has taught us that everything works better with a partner. UTO is no exception, especially since you will be handling money. Two people should count everything, and submit the checks and cash collected to the parish or ECW treasurer. UTO has created a worksheet to list the donors and amounts and submit with the final check to UTO* (mailing address at bottom of page) A copy should also be emailed to UTO@ecwlosangeles.org 

3. Download and read the Handbook for Diocesan and Parish Coordinators 2018-2020

4. Download and share with the clergy and administrative staff the one-page Best Practices for UTO Ingathering Collections sheet so everyone knows what to expect and how to plan. 

5. Order Supplies: Blue Boxes, donation envelopes and brochures are available for the cost of shipping. Thank you notes and envelopes, UTO crosses, lapel pins, and some other merchandise is available for purchase.

*Please mail one ingathering check made out to DFMS with UTO in the memo line to:
United Thank Offering
DFMS – Protestant Episcopal Church
P.O. Box 958983
St. Louis, MO 63195-8983

All donations must be received by the third week in December each year in order to be counted and credited to the diocese for that calendar year

Please Note: Blue Box money may not be used for expenses. Money to cover expenses and supplies should be secured from your ECW, rector or vestry.

For additional information or for help getting started contact: